"Whoever does not try, does not learn" — anon.

Discover Your Potential


Start your karate training in the Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto. We offer year-round classes to improve martial arts technique, self-defense awareness, and physical well being. Students of all ages benefit from the exercise and personal development as they train to black belt level and beyond.


Learn New Skills in a Supportive Atmosphere


Our base program is Shotokan Karate with modern sports training for strengthening the body. Using a mentor system, students learn how to focus on the discipline side of the art, while learning leadership and coping strategies. No experience is necessary and you can start anytime.


Traditional Arts  — Modern Training


We blend traditional katas with a modern, sports science-based approach and safe exercise. Students are introduced to training methods from different martial arts and other sports to learn and improve technique. The result is a well-rounded martial education in different arts, systems, and self-defense ranges.


Olympic Pathway Program — Karate is now an Olympic Sport!

Our program is certified by Karate Canada, the only Sport Canada-sanctioned and Canadian Olympic Committee-recognized karate organization in Canada. Our National Coaching Certification Program-trained black belts will offer guidance and encouragement as you move up through the belt levels.

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