There are classes for ADULTS, JUNIORS, and the SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (SDP). ADULTS and JUNIORS can join anytime.
ADULT 16 years+ 3-4 4 months year-round
JUNIOR 8* - 15 years 3-4 4 months year-round
SDP 6 & 7 years 1 8 to 12 classes Fall, Winter,
Spring, sessions

*must be in school Grade 3

For our location, please see the Contact Us/Location page.

For class times and membership costs, please see the Contact Us/Location page for email or telephone inquiries.

For other programs, classes, and seminars, please see the Other Services page.

Parent-Friendly Junior Program

Junior Program students can suspend their memberships from July 1 to August 31, so parents aren’t paying for the time that their karate students are away during the summer.

Advantages that we offer Adult and Junior students:

  • 3 different training days a week make it easier to fit a couple of classes into busy schedules (students can train at as many classes as they like)
  • lots of parking space
  • memberships as short as 4 months mean no long term commitment
  • extra classes for tournament training, as competitions come up, are offered at no extra charge
  • because our club is registered with Sport Ontario/Sport Canada, eligible students can earn National Coaching Certification Program accreditation which helps on a résumé (e.g. City of Toronto, YMCA, etc.)
  • NCCP-Trained/Certified black belt instructors
We encourage email contact and invite questions.

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